From Data to Decisions: How Intelligent Automation & Analytics Drive Results

Webinar: From Data to Decisions: How Intelligent Automation & Analytics Drive Results

Welcome to a transformative journey where data doesn’t just speak – it acts! Businesses thrive in our increasingly digital world when they can swiftly turn vast data streams into informed decisions.

This webinar dives deep into the dynamic duo of Intelligent Automation and Advanced Analytics. Discover how they work hand-in-hand to streamline data processing, extract profound insights, and drive impactful business actions.

You’ll uncover the power of merging automation with analytics through real-life case studies, expert insights, and the latest trends.

Ready to transform your data into decisive actions? Let’s begin!


  • Welcome & Introduction – Speaker: Jason Boyle:
    A brief overview of the webinar’s purpose and goals with an introduction of speakers and experts;
    The Digital Era & The Power of Data;
    Understanding the importance of data-driven decisions in the modern world;
    A quick snapshot of how data influences businesses.

  • The Magic of Intelligent Automation – Speaker: Isabella Cantero
    Introduction to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and its applications;
    Examples of businesses successfully leveraging automation and analytics;
    Challenges, Solutions, and Best Practices.

  • Unlocking Deep Insights with Advanced Analytics – Speaker: Rab Bonnar.
    Visualisation tools that help in simplifying complex data narratives;
    Addressing common obstacles in integrating automation and analytics;
    Strategies and tools to ensure data privacy and security.

  • Looking Ahead: The Future Landscape – Speaker: Jason Boyle.
    Predictive and prescriptive analytics: The next steps;
    Potential impact of emerging technologies.

  • Q&A and Closing
    Interactive Q&A Session (5 minutes) – Ian Treacy
    Closing Remarks & Takeaways (5 minutes) – Jason Boyle

Who Should Attend?

Business leaders, executives, IT professionals, operations managers, and anyone interested in learning how RPA can contribute to their organisation’s digital transformation journey.

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