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Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to

The famous Richard Branson quote that he penned in 2014 goes “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to”. The statement from the founder of Virgin Atlantic carries a lot of meaning, and it should undoubtedly be the driving force of every entrepreneur. Let’s take a closer look at these words from one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Branson’s statement has two parts. The first part talks about proper staff training and the second about retaining your staff members. As business people the question we need to ask ourselves is, is this truly possible in the real business world? Here’s how to use Richard Branson’s principles to get the best out of your business.


Nurturing Better Skills

The influence your staff has over the success of your business is enormous. By offering your staff the right training, your customers will benefit from high-quality service. And what more would any business want to achieve than customer satisfaction and a widening market? The success of your business begins with how you treat your staff members. Armed with the necessary skills, their productivity will undoubtedly be raised, and they will learn to work independently. This is advantageous to your business because it means you will have self-driven employees who are filled with the passion to deliver nothing short of the best results.


With The Right Treatment You Will Keep Your Staff

Once they’ve gained independence, it is possible that your staff will develop the urge to leave as they begin to feel that they can do so much more by themselves. They’re hungry to take on new challenges, and they certainly want to rank high in the staff hierarchy. What can you do at his stage? Most importantly remember that it is inevitable to lose employees when they feel they have increased their qualifications and experience and now have all it takes to take on new ventures by themselves. The answer of course lies in the way you treat your staff. If you manage your employees well, you will certainly retain many of them. This is so beneficial especially if you have taken them through training that’s geared towards bettering your business.

It is very regrettable to train your staff appropriately and then after all, many of them walk away endowed with the skills you passed to them. Think about the competition they will cause when they are hired by a rival organization. Therefore, as entrepreneurs, valuing our staff is key to our success.

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