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The Exciting World of Entrepreneurial Project Management

It seems like a contradiction at first to create a training program that blends Entrepreneurial skills and Project Management skills together. Surely these roles are at opposite ends of the spectrum – the Entrepreneur likes to take risks whereas the Project Manager seeks to avoid and minimise risk?

Aspira has been closely involved in both entrepreneurial circles (via our founder’s selection as the EY International Entrepreneur of the Year finalist) and in Project Management circles (where Aspira staff have played leading roles in Project Management Institute chapters internationally). So we have seen the possibilities for overlap – how entrepreneurs can benefit from a more structured and objective assessment of the risks they face, and how Project Managers can benefit from the high-energy and ‘get it done’ approach that is epitomised by entrepreneurs.

The result? We created a best-in-class Entrepreneurial Project Management program – the Aspira Entrepreneurial Project Management program provides an intriguing and unique approach for experienced Project Managers to tackle complex challenges and opportunities. We have created a program that blends the positive traits of entrepreneurialism with the discipline and structure of Project Management. It does not seek to convert PMs to become entrepreneurs, instead, it equips them with a whole new range of high-end tools to be even more successful in their role.

The Aspira Entrepreneurial Project Management program is a game changer for experienced Project Managers for a number of reasons. It develops key traits that are essential for success when operating in a demanding environment, such as emotional intelligence, judgement, business acumen decision-making, and prioritization. By learning how to effectively balance the competing demands of risk and reward, Project Managers can develop the skills they need to succeed.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Attitude to Risk – which is a crucial aspect of entrepreneurial Project Management. Figuring out how to get the balance right between risk appetite and risk tolerance, and realising that reward is the flip side of risk, and important steps to taking a more rounded approach to managing threats and opportunities.
  • Business Acumen – which is the ability to understand and manage the financial and operational aspects of a business. Entrepreneurial Project Managers need to have a good understanding of the financials of their venture and make sound business decisions to ensure its success. It’s about stepping back from the earned value formulae to instead focus on what the data means and what decisions it should drive.
  • Judgement – which is the ability to make good decisions based on the information available. It requires critical thinking and the ability to make quick and accurate decisions to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks.
  • Decision Making – which is the process of identifying and choosing the best options or alternatives based on the circumstance and the environment. Entrepreneurial Project Managers need to be able to make decisions quickly and whilst under pressure.
  • Prioritisation – is the process of determining which tasks or activities are most important and should be done first. It’s about being able to distinguish between what’s important and what’s urgent in order to prioritize the organization’s resources to ensure they are working on the most important things at the right time.
  • Customer Centricity – which is all about having the right level of focus on understanding and meeting the needs and wants of customers. It’s about prioritising the customer over any internal bureaucratic requirements or office politics. Customer satisfaction levels are often set by their expectations around a specific product or service, and it is crucial for Project Managers to understand those expectations in order to succeed.
  • Ownership & Commitment – which is about engendering the same sense of ownership and accountability in Project Managers that entrepreneurs have for their venture and its outcome. Entrepreneurial Project Managers need to be fully committed to the success of their venture and drive their project team to take ownership of its successful outcome.
  • Stakeholder Engagement – which looks at how best to interact with those individuals or groups who are affected by or have an interest in the project. This is where listening skills can be more important that oratory skills. Entrepreneurial Project Managers need to be able to effectively engage with and manage their stakeholders to ensure their venture’s success.
  • Leadership – which we define as the ability to guide, motivate and direct a team towards a common strategy. Entrepreneurial Project Managers need to be able to lead and inspire their teams to achieve the goals of their venture. There are many aspects to this topic and it is no coincidence that many of the best-known quotes on leadership come from respected entrepreneurs.
  • Emotional Intelligence – which is the ability to understand and manage one’s own emotions and to tune in to the emotions of others. Entrepreneurial Project Managers will tend to work on larger and more complex projects, with more demanding stakeholders, and as a result, will be in more pressurised situations. This module teaches how to effectively manage one’s own emotions and those of the team in order to succeed.
  • Learning Agility – which is the ability to quickly adapt and learn in response to new situations and challenges. In our VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous), Project Managers must be able to adapt and learn quickly in order to keep pace.
  • Network Performance – which is the ability to build, maintain and leverage strong relationships and partnerships. Entrepreneurial Project Managers often rely on partnerships and collaborations to succeed, and they need to be able to build and nurture strong networks to achieve success, ensuring they give to that network rather than be a taker.

Overall, the world of Entrepreneurial Project Management is an intriguing and dynamic field that offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities for experienced Project Managers. By undergoing training through programs like Aspira, experienced Project Managers can develop the skills and knowledge they need to navigate this space effectively and achieve success. Whether you are a certified PM looking to further develop your skills, or you are a business leader of an existing entrepreneurial venture, this training can help you develop the key traits and skills you need to succeed in this exciting field. Reach out to our Training Team today to understand how your organisation can benefit from Aspira’s Entrepreneurial Project Management program.

Deirdre Lysaght - Head of Marketing

Deirdre Lysaght - Head of Marketing

Deirdre Lysaght is Head of Marketing at Aspira. With a professional background in Digital Marketing, Deirdre develops strategies and tactics to boost the company’s reputation and drive qualified traffic. Deploying successful marketing campaigns from ideation to execution while building and maintaining a strong and consistent brand through a wide range of online marketing channels.

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