The benefits of part-time working: An Aspira software developer and mum shares her experience.


As a parent of three young children, returning to work seemed close to impossible for Aspira’s Christina Manning. Although she appreciated her time at home, Christina expressed that she missed “using her brain”, earning money and being in the company of other adults.

“There were lots of part-time jobs out there but none in software development. I was very fortunate that Aspira were forward thinking enough to realise that people have lots to offer, albeit not always on a full-time basis.”

Christina says that since returning to working as a software developer on a part-time basis, she feels as though she’s been handed a lifeline.

“I get to do a job that I love, work with great people and keep my skills up-to-date. I’ve always loved doing my best and was concerned that if I was only working part-time that I might not be able to pull my weight in work, but I found the opposite. I feel I have as much to contribute as ever, and my time spent in work is much more focused.”

“Amazingly, I enjoy my time spent with my family more, and I appreciate the time more than when I was at home full time. I have a great work/life balance. The flexibility of being able to work part time is beneficial to both employer and employee and I’m grateful that Aspira afforded me this opportunity.”

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to approach work. Affording our employees the opportunity to work part time helps to facilitate work life balance and ensures we keep great talent within the business.

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