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The Benefits of a Project Management Qualification

You may be wondering how beneficial completing a Project Management qualification could be for you. A qualification or diploma in project management provides many benefits. It gives job seekers and career changers many personal and professional advantages. In July 2021 I completed the Project Management Diploma at MTU. Below are a few insights into why I think this may be the right course for you.

Course Structure:

The course was delivered fully online, with one online session per week. It was a mixture of eight Fridays (9 am to 5 pm) and fifteen evening sessions (6.30 pm to 9.30 pm). For anyone working full-time and having commitments outside of work, this is a great advantage. I saved a lot of time not sitting in traffic and it also made it a lot easier to coordinate online group study sessions with my classmates. Time saved that I could apply to my studies or other commitments.

Course Material:

Course material is supplied by the college, material that I still continue to reference in my current role. The course is run by a combination of external experts and in-house lecturers to provide a broad scope of industrial real-life experiences and academic expertise. The diploma covers all knowledge areas of the internationally recognised professional standard for the practice of Project Management, the PMBOK© (Project Management Body of Knowledge) which is administered by the PMI (Project Management Institute. You cover both traditional predictive / waterfall & Agile Project Management approaches – both essential toolsets for a Project Manager.

Networking Opportunities:

I connected with so many like-minded individuals who have similar professional goals as myself. It gave me the chance to network with people from all types of industries, connections that I might not have otherwise made. I found the camaraderie in the class great, you support each other, and learn from each other. Interaction like this may make it more likely you will hear about job openings in your field.

Competitive Advantage:

If you’ve gone through the process of obtaining your diploma, you have a standardised knowledge set – and the credentials to prove it. When applying for a job against competitors, having such qualifications will put you ahead of those who do not. A diploma shows that you already have many of the skills required to excel in the position. For an employer, this means they need to spend less time training you themselves.

Gain Confidence in your Abilities:

During the diploma, you gain regular feedback from your lectures. Hands-on projects allow you to solidify your skills. You also receive training in the latest project management technology. Thus, a diploma course provides a boost to your confidence in your abilities. You’ll also have a much clearer idea of what the day-to-day tasks of a project manager consist of. This will enable you to prepare for your new career.

The next Diploma in Project Management begins on Friday 27th January with limited places remaining.  Register your interest here: Diploma in Project Management or contact Brian Cliffe at

Chloe Hanlon - PMO Analyst

Chloe Hanlon - PMO Analyst

Chloe is a PMO Analyst with Aspira. Over her career, Chloe has worked across a multitude of industries, from Retail to Construction to IT and through those experiences she understands the importance of bringing people and processes together to provide value to our client’s business objectives.

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