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Demand for quality technical IT resources is greater than the supply in a number of emerging technologies that are enabling businesses to be agile and responsive.  It is our experience that projects can be delayed or delivered poorly as a direct result of poor technical engagement either through inadequate or a lack of quality IT professionals.  This is especially true when you are not looking for a permanent hire to your team and instead are looking for the right level of cloud, development or infrastructure support to get your project over the line.

As technology resource specialists with 15 years’ experience, Aspira are aware of how the need for technology skills has changed over time and continues to change today. We have shaped our specialist resource teams around the latest trends in the technology market to ensure that our clients have access to the specialist talent they need now and in the future. Each of our consultants focus on specific areas within technology allowing them to build deep knowledge of the technology markets in which we operate. 

From our inception we have been and continue to be a company that has forged our reputation by consistently delivering high quality resourcing services across the globe, on time and within budget. Ready to submit your requirements?

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Aspira has worked with EirGrid on three separate resourcing frameworks since 2007 to provide a variety of project resources on a number of diverse projects. The main strength of Aspira’s offering is the combination of supplying our own staff and specialist skilled resources that directly match the individual project requirements that EirGrid issue to us.


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Technology Resourcing FAQs

A simple definition of technology resourcing is – The tailored provision of all technology resources required to meet the demands of a project.

Technology resourcing requires an understanding of the technical requirements of a given project. Once this is established, a technology resource professional sets up a tailored suite of technological solutions designed to facilitate the successful conclusion of the project.

How technology resourcing works varies depending on the project but typically will follow the steps detailed below: 

  1. Definition – This is the definition of the technical and of the role to be played by those tasked with technology resourcing.
  2. Selection Process – This stage looks at what resources are available in-house and which are external.
  3. Proposition – At the proposal stage, a report detailing the required resources is produced.
  4. Engagement – Once the proposal is accepted (or amended) the resources are allocated to the project and are monitored on an ongoing basis until the project is concluded.

A technical recruiter is a specialist recruitment professional. Technical recruiters are tasked with finding the ideal candidate to fill posts in technical fields, including IT and engineering.

Where they differ from “typical” recruiters is the blend of skills that technical recruiters must possess. Not only are they fully versed in the skills required by a regular recruiter, but technical recruiters must also have a full understanding of the technology niche they recruit for.

Included in a technical recruiter’s responsibilities are: 

  • Developing recruitment strategies
  • Identifying recruitment sources
  • Assessing potential clients
  • Interviews
  • Creating job descriptions

Aspira’s approach to technical recruitment is very different from traditional recruitment. We understand that getting the right people, particularly in the fields of emerging technologies, is difficult. Our specialist recruitment teams are shaped to have a deep understanding of the latest technology trends.

This allows us to fully understand each client’s needs and the required skill sets they are looking for when recruiting technical staff. To enable this, our consultants are all specialists in specific technical areas. This gives them complete insight into the skills the client requires and whether potential candidates fit this brief.

Aspira has fifteen years of experience in delivering high-quality resourcing and recruitment services globally.

Technology resourcing involves multiple skill sets that provide a suite of technological solutions required to bring a client’s project to completion. While the specific skill sets will vary from project to project and from client to client, typically, technology resourcing will involve the following skills: 

  • Software Development – Developing bespoke software solutions is a cornerstone skill in technology resourcing.
  • Security – In the cloud-based world of remote working, where traditional internal networks are hybridised with cloud-based solutions, security is a critical technology resourcing skill.
  • Cloud-based solutions – The requirement to provide tailored cloud solutions means skills like cloud architects and cloud networking experts are essential.
  • Data Centre – Understanding the mechanics and architecture of complex data centres is a core technology resourcing skill.
  • Business Applications – A thorough understanding of the latest generation of business applications is a required skill.

Today, hiring the right IT talent is incredibly difficult and becoming more challenging with each passing day. This is why many modern businesses have turned to technology resourcing to address these problems.

This method of recruitment can be used to address permanent requirements. But is also increasingly used as a method of bringing the right technical resources on board for a specific project or task.

An outline of the benefits that technology resourcing can provide for businesses is listed below.

  1. Flexibility – Technology resourcing allows businesses to take a flexible approach to addressing their IT and technical needs. Using technology resourcing allows them to easily scale their technical processes as business circumstances evolve.
  2. Access to Talent – Procuring the right talent is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses. Searching for personnel with the correct skillset is time-consuming and frustrating. Experienced professionals in technology recruitment can ease this burden by using their wide breadth of knowledge to find personnel that have the right qualities.
  3. Cost savings – Outsourcing the recruitment process frees up valuable staff that would otherwise be heavily involved in seeking the right candidates. It also reduces the physical costs of recruitment, e.g. screening and advertising.

A tech recruitment company can help your business in many ways. The most obvious benefit is tech recruitment ensures you get the perfect candidate for the vacant post. But there are also other benefits to consider, including: 

  • Faster access to talent – Finding the right candidate through traditional recruitment means can be slow, tech recruitment can slash the time.
  • Reduced recruiting costs – by freeing up staff and cutting down on recruitment costs, tech recruitment can save your business money.
  • Screened talent – All candidates are thoroughly screened.
  • Access to a wide talent pool – Tech recruitment companies have access to the best talent.

Attracting the top tech talent to your company can be an exercise in frustration. However, some strategies can simplify the process and ensure your business has access to the best tech talent.

  1. Identify tech professionals’ needs – Attracting the top tech talent is difficult in such a competitive market. Paying a competitive salary used to be enough, but now many are seeking stock options and equity. Identify what the top tech professionals are looking for and draw up a recruitment policy that offers the right packages.
  2. Build a successful talent acquisition strategy – Partnering with a tech recruitment company is a proven roadmap to building a successful talent acquisition strategy.
  3. Target the right candidates – A broad-brush approach might produce the right results given enough time. But most successful tech recruitment strategies will directly target the perfect candidates. Using tech recruitment companies is a simple way to target the ideal candidates.

This can vary depending on the business and the post to be filled. But generally, any tech recruitment process will follow certain steps. These include: 

  1. Identify your needs – Every recruitment process begins with identifying a business need that requires new talent within the organisation.
  2. Sourcing – The next stage involves sourcing a pool of talent that can be selected from.
  3. Screening – The screening process should whittle the potential clients down to a shortlist.
  4. Interviewing – Finally, the interview process is used to select the ideal person(s) from the shortlisted candidates.

This can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. This is why many companies are resorting to tech recruitment companies to simplify the recruitment process.

Tech resourcing is an efficient method of hiring tech talent. This can help reduce hiring costs in several ways. Below are a few of the cost-saving benefits of tech resourcing: 

  • Hire talent quickly – Using tech resourcing means you get faster access to the right talent.
  • Hire the right personnel – Tech resource companies are experts at. identifying the right talent and matching them with the correct positions.
  • Free up staff time – The recruitment process can be time-consuming and puts added pressure on existing personnel. Tech recruitment frees up staff time.
  • Save on recruitment costs – Physical costs of recruitment like advertising, candidate screening, and staff costs are all reduced by using a tech recruitment agency.
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