Technical & Advisory


We innovate to develop solutions that enable your users and support your business. Our service engagements range from consulting, giving clients advice and guidance, through to comprehensive solution design and implementation. Our expertise spans Data Centre infrastructure, Networking, Cloud, Telephony, Security and End User experience where we leverage the latest in technology developments for client enablement to the highest standards.

As well as the expertise to migrate and transition your business seamlessly as technology evolves, we also provide complete solutions that incorporate equipment specification and procurement.

We engage with clients through:

This ensures a structured approach for Project Management to underpin a successful solution delivery.

Our expertise spans the ICT domain covering:

Networking:  Ranging for simple network design and implementation to the latest in Software Defined network solutions such as CISCO ACS, you can be assured that we have the expertise to provide you with the network backbone you need to securely enable your ICT environment.

Hybrid DataCentre:  Our team can work with you across technology solutions and virtualisation stacks covering storage, servers, VMWare and Wintel environments to deliver you a customised solution that leverages the right technology for your needs.  We excel at making IT work for you. We design solutions that use Cloud (Public and Private) and on-premise technologies that best fit your business requirements, our primary objective being the enablement of your IT strategy and business needs in the most efficient and economical way.

Voice: We are proud partners of 3CX and expert in the design and implementation of 3CX Unified Communication (UC) solutions. 3CX is a unique unified communication platform that is available as an on-premise or hosted solution. Scaling from only a few to hundreds of users and deployable in highly available configurations, 3CX is an integrated solution that provides complete Enterprise grade voice, conferencing, mobile, presence and collaboration features at small business pricing.

Our experts will conduct a bottom up analysis of your environment reviewing aspects such as equipment, systems performance, security and capacity.  We will provide you with a detailed report that summarises your IT environment, main risks, challenges and recommendations for future proofing your IT and ensuring it is set to support your business.

We excel at working in partnership with our clients and various application platform providers to deliver holistic solutions to enable our clients deliver flexible and adaptable business services.

When client requirements extend beyond Infrastructure and into Software Development, Application Modernisation and Transformation or Business Applications, we leverage our Software and Business Apps teams to provide an extensible, integrated engagement that delivers true value.

Traditional PBX solutions required on-premise infrastructure that in turn needed to be managed and maintained.

At Aspira we provide complete voice communication solutions based on 3CX as a hosted or an on-premise solution.  The Aspira 3CX Voice solution is completed with a local gateway for telephone line integration. The solution provides a complete integrated unified communication platform (Presence, IM, Conferencing and Mobile Integration) that is portable and improves communication at an affordable price.

This enables our clients avail of an extremely low-cost, managed voice and unified communication platform that replaces legacy telephone systems with an integrated solution that is more flexible and provides lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than a traditional telephone solution.  The Benefits of our solution includes:

– A full featured enterprise class telephony solution that includes unified communication features at an affordable price point.

– Increased Agility and Scalability by utilising cloud technology.

– IM solution for instant communications.

– Ability to utilise latest communication technology to reduce call costs such as SIP trucks etc.

– Optional Managed Service for complete reliability.

Our methodology involves assessing each server and application, defining recovery objectives, and delivering a comprehensive report with testing results and recommendations.  Safeguard your critical IT and avail of our testing services today!

– Validation and updating of existing Disaster Recovery Plans.

– Development of new Disaster Recovery Plans.

– Comprehensive testing methodology.

– Detailed reporting on outcomes with recommendations.

– Comprehensive advice on strategy development.

Our assessment service, through facilitated workshops, delivers a comprehensive Office 365 security roadmap of prioritised actionable tasks to secure your environment.  We utilise a standardised methodology to identify business security requirements and evaluate your office 365 profile against these to develop a roadmap for meeting your security needs.