Aspira’s commercial applications are primarily web applications. We use the latest web and application development tools, as well as the most modern development frameworks and libraries. Because Aspira develops solutions for a wide variety of customers, ranging from start-ups to multinationals, we get exposed to and experienced in a vast array of technologies and tools.  As a young company, Aspira relies on our staff to innovate and help set our direction – candidates must be flexible and adaptable enough to be able to work in a variety of roles in a rapidly changing environment. We work in a positive environment where our success is shared and celebrated.


At Aspira, we are particularly interested in those that have a practical knowledge of working in the Microsoft development environment. A minimum requirement is object-orientated development knowledge and a minimum of 2 year’s experience using the following:

  • C# .NET
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • React and React Native

Experience in working with the following would also be beneficial

  • HTML5
  • MS SQL Server
  • Nodejs and Microservices
  • PWA (Progressive Web Apps)


The areas Software Developer(s) will work on will include:

  • Heavy involvement in the Architectural Design decisions
  • UI design ensuring optimal User Experience
  • Development and testing of the Aspira set of products, typically including development of three-tier architecture systems.
  • Due consideration given to scalability and performance.


Send us your details and a member of our team will be in touch:



Jim Blair Old Image 2

Jim Blair

Director of Software Services
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Diarmuid Linehan B&W

Diarmuid Linehan

Software Engineer

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Christina Manning

Software Developer

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David Donnellan - SD

David Donnellan

Software Developer

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“I guess in part the sheer breadth of what we’re involved in – not just technically but also in terms of working with a wide variety of clients from across a range of industries.  Just in the past 18 months I was finishing up a contract with the Irish Health Dept., after which I worked as part of a team to develop a barcode scanning application prototype for an airline logistics company and now am doing web application development on-site in a bank.  That’s not to mention working as part of a team to support a recruitment agency in their first steps into data warehousing and data analysis, assisting in the preparation of tenders for bespoke product development for a cattle breeder group, an agri-food business and an automation technology company.

From a technology perspective, as a company we cover everything from the latest in SPA and PWA technology to standard ASP.NET MVC through to Data Warehousing, ETL and data analysis. Aspira is a stimulating, dynamic, challenging place to work”

Diarmuid Linehan, Software Engineer.

“Working as a Software Developer for Aspira provides lots of opportunity to work on diverse projects incorporating the latest technologies. Aspira provides a flexible work environment as well as the opportunity to work as part of a great team”.

Christina Manning, Software Developer.

“From day one, you feel like you’ve known the team for your whole life. There has been many opportunities where I was exposed to different technologies, languages and teams. From being a Developer to Engineer to Tester you get a taste for all sides of Software Development to find your fit”.

David Donnellan, Software Developer.