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Six Sigma professionals

Are your processes sabotaging your products, productivity and quenching your customers’ passion? If your quality is questionable and the costs are mounting up, you need Six Sigma professionals to power through the complexity.

When processes are long, complex and bureaucratic, the result on the business is profound. Operational costs go up as staff and systems get weighed down under the burden of often unnecessary bureaucratic steps. Staff morale slides and staff survey scores plummet as the red tape binds and constrains the staff, the business and more importantly- the customers. Productivity decreases as morale drops and efficiency is effectively removed. Customer satisfaction scores are possibly through the floor. There are so many negative consequences it would be hard to list them all. The good news is that there is an effective solution. The better news is that if you’re reading this, you have already found it.


Six Sigma training

Lean Six Sigma training will empower trainees to improve your business and reverse many of those consequences through the identifying, cataloging, detailing and improvement of your key and supporting business processes. What makes Six Sigma stand out as a key differentiator in the business of process improvement is that it is customer driven. Anything that negatively affects your customers is considered a process defect and Six Sigma sets rigorous and exceptionally low thresholds of acceptable numbers of defects. This will spur your organization on from process improvement to seeing radical changes in your NPS scores, your staff survey scores, your brand loyalty index, your product quality and ultimately – your profits.

A Six Sigma Green Belt professional is sharp and scientific in the use and application of the Six Sigma Methodology. They will more than competently lead improvement projects, typically of medium complexity, and successfully overhaul your business processes by following the proven Six Sigma formula of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.

Aspira’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training focuses on utilizing the most common Lean Six Sigma and Change Management tools in the execution of medium complexity projects.
The format of the training will be tutor-led. The training is very interactive, thus there is a lot of emphasis on group dynamics and ensuring the attendees participate and interact with the trainer and each other. Forget the list-and-learn model. Training is conducted through presentations, simulations, role plays, group exercises, discussions and case studies. Aspira’s expert tutors offer a completely rounded approach to trainees getting totally to grips with Six Sigma practices in a demonstrable way in a sand-box safe environment.

This is an 8 day training programme spread out over three months.

If you are interested in reaping the benefits of Six Sigma Green Belt Training, contact Aspira today.

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