Security Services

The traditional IT Security landscape has changed, network boundaries at the firewall are gone and data and access are centred on the user and user identity.  Users operate in a dynamic world where internal and cloud-based systems are used harmoniously, all serving to increase the risk of a breach as a result of poor security.   Managing this is becoming more complex as the threats from intelligent attacks that focus on extracting ransoms for data are on the increase.

Add to this your responsibilities to ensure GDPR compliance.  You may need to update privacy policies, implement and strengthen data protection controls and breach notification procedures, deploy highly transparent policies, and further invest in IT and training.

At Aspira we offer a professionally managed cloud security service that is tailored to the clients’ specific requirements providing the desired security protection continuously and seamlessly.   This service provides our clients with a solution that can cover firewall management, Anti-virus provision, single sign on for cloud and on-premise workloads (identity management), mobile device management, mobile application management and data Security through Information Protection.  

Clients can also extend the service to provide 24x7x365 threat management with our SIEM service to deliver instant response to security threats as well as continuous monitoring of the secured environment.  You choose the level of service required and AspiraCare Managed Services deliver the be-spoke service to license and manage delivery on a utility basis.

Our security services provide clients with:

  • Secured environment for network perimeter, cloud connectivity, data and devices;
  • 24x7x365 Security Information Event Management (SIEM) services;
  • Seamless user environment across devices;
  • Self service solutions for user password management;
  • Data Protection services;
  • Best Practice Security management policies;
  • Utility licensing for all software (per month billing);
  • Reduced costs for management and operations;
  • Increased Agility and Scalability by utilising cloud technology;

Safeguard your business

Aspira gives you professional cloud based managed service for information security. Our service is tailored to your specific requirements providing security protection for your users, infrastructure, devices and data continuously and seamlessly.

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