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Resourcing Your Projects…it’s in the eye of the beholder

As a project management & IT solutions organisation, Aspira works with its clients to ensure the prompt provision of the right resources as required. Whether project manager, business analyst, software developer or solutions architect it is critical to assign just the right level of subject matter expertise for the requirements defined. Sounds straight-forward but we at Aspira appreciate there is more to this statement than meets the eye!


We’ve seen the importance over many years for client organisations to manage and fully utilise resources, further exacerbated by COVID-19 and our new virtual working world.

But not everyone can do it which in turn has opened the door for companies to apply improved resourcing capabilities. Companies can try to achieve success in resource management challenges by using specific PPM tools and systems. However, this may not always result in predicted outcomes or in some cases, it may simply take too long to realise the benefits.


When tasked with getting large-scale projects completed there will always be unanticipated hurdles to clear. Some of the more common resourcing challenges might include:

Inconsistent Resource Assignment

Resource allocation needs to understand pipeline, demand, priorities and goals of the business. It is important to have a holistic view of demand and available resource capacity according to matching skillsets and priorities


Inadequate Resource Capacity Planning

Capacity talks to the resources available to get the job done, or deliver a project on time and within budget. Organisations may not always know how to measure capacity and as a result are unable to plan resource allocation. Organisations can address this by utilising a purpose-built resource management solution


Resource Utilisation Not Optimised

Optimising your resources based on capacity and skillset is critical to maximise impact and develop those skills. Constant evaluation of the resource pool will better maintain productivity and by association will enhance job satisfaction levels


Resource Risks Not Assessed Upfront

Organisations don’t always think about the risks associated with resources instead focusing on external dependencies, processes, technology and/or unforeseen events. But good resource management can always de-risk a project with proper upfront planning and controls adopted


Transition Process For Shared Resources

Shared resources, working for different business units and various projects is common in many organisations. Often shared resources are moving from project to project without any adequate transition process or project plan…this really needs to be avoided


Unplanned Requests For Resources

Adopting a prioritised portfolio view of projects and BAU activities is critical in managing resources. Get a handle on demand as well as prioritising these projects, and then allocate resources accordingly


Most companies will experience some or all of these issues to varying degrees at some point. Looking out for some of these challenges and proactively managing resources as a critical asset will enable organisation to react accordingly using the right planning, tools and resources.


For more information visit our Business Resourcing page.

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