Project Scheduling

A key part of ensuring a project is operating as expected is an effective scheduling management process.  Project scheduling can often be an exercise completed once as part of the project initiation, then left to the side.  On complex projects this can lead to confusion, unexpected delays, overruns and even scope creep.  Project scheduling is not just about agreeing a set of dates for when project activities should happen, but also about foreseeing resource constraints, anticipating impacts on the critical path and identifying impacts to the timing of activities and overall project duration.

At Aspira we have used our experience in managing hundreds of projects to develop a methodology that aids our clients in putting in place, and efficiently managing, a project schedule.  Our Project Scheduling process develops and builds a project schedule using a workshop approach. Workshop attendees are key Project Team members, Project Stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts.  When the workshops are complete, you will have a :

Combined, these tools will enable you and your team to effectively manage your project schedule.

Our approach is Project Management methodology agnostic and applies equally in traditional disciplines such as Prince as it does to Agile and Scrum.

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