Project Risk Assessment

Projects introduce change, and with change there can be an element of uncertainty, and when there is uncertainty there can be risks.  Based on our experience we know that identifying risks early and determining what action to be taken with them greatly enhances the chances for project success. 

When we are capturing and assessing risks on a project we work with our clients to determine the best course of action in each case using our industry leading risk management methodology.  We also look at where a risk can be positive, in that a remediation could lead to a positive outcome or contribution to the project.

 We engage with clients we leverage our deep expertise in the area of project Risk Management across project disciplines (Prince, Agile) to assess and audit project risk.  We conduct a review of both risk management processes and practices based on our standard methodologies with a focus on risk identification, analysis, risk response planning and the level of monitoring and control that is applied to this crucial area.

Key to an effective risk management exercise is to repeat it at various stages throughout the project as continually assessing risk and impact is a key contributor to ensuring your project is not unexpectedly negatively impacted.  We define a review process with clients relative to the project and integrated to the project schedule. 

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