Project Management Office (PMO) Setup

When an organisation has an ongoing portfolio of projects to deliver on a regular basis and these are typically driven by departmental needs in different areas, then there can be a risk of duplication of project management effort as well as competition for scarce project management support resource.

The Project Management Institute defines a PMO (Project Management Office) as “A management structure that standardises the project-related governance processes and facilitates the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools, and techniques”.  This definition applies equally to a Programme Management Office.

We aid and mentor organisations to develop and put in place the necessary structures and supporting tools to allow for the coordinated and well managed governance and operation of projects across the organisation. 

We apply our established methodology for the mentoring and development of an organisations PMO specific to the clients needs – as PMP operations are effectively customised to meet the individual needs and portfolio to be managed.  The common areas we address include:

We also help organisations understand their project management need, is it to be traditional methodologies or Agile driven to meet the emerging requirements, and how should these requirements be integrated and addressed as part of the organisations project management maturity.

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