Project Kick Start

Sometimes the hardest part of a project is getting it going.  There can be a lot of activity as a project gets off the ground and having a structured approach is key.  While our clients with an established project management office (PMO) will have project initiation and programme management processes and tools, many of our clients that do not have a wide range of projects underway at any given time struggle to get a project launched.  

We are experts in many project management methodologies and can cater for organisations needs, from traditional project management to Agile and Scrum.  We have developed a streamlined process, with novel use of project management tools that we can apply to the start of a project, that has proven to be able to generate 3 months of progress on a project within 2 weeks duration!

Our methodology is focused on building out the full breadth of the project scope, a project RAID log and high level effort estimates for the project.  We can complement this with ongoing project management requirements for risk identification and management, action and communication plans as well as scheduling, monitoring and controlling activities.

We tailor our approach to meet specific project and client requirements, key to our success with these engagements is recognising the right level of project management for the organisation, and project to be delivered.

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