Programme Management Solutions

Within organisations that have a wide programme of projects to deliver, there can be competition for resources, including the people needed to drive and execute on the various aspects of project needs.  If it were the case that projects were predictable, we would easily envision when they would need to call on resources (of any type) and plan accordingly.  Unfortunately this is not the case, and projects by their nature involve change, and change involves uncertainty.  

At Aspira we have worked with, and enhanced, the Microsoft Project Online platform to develop a programme management solution that we can customise to client specific requirements for operational management of project programmes.  We have also enhanced our solution to provide project and programme management modelling and “what-if” scenario building.  We can take programmes and allow for variations in a range of key metrics to allow the PMO identify where issues may arise as project requirements change, without affecting live schedules.

Our Business Applications Team work with clients to define exact requirements, offer advice on best practices, and provide a streamlined implementation of the solution.  We also leverage our Project Management expertise to offer advice on best practices leading to a programme management system that will be central to the efficient management of a programme of projects.

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