Opportunity Knocks

If you could have a qualification with the power to open doors for you into multiple industries as diverse as IT to Engineering to Big Pharma and more, in any country across the world where you wish to work, would you let that opportunity pass you by? Neither would we.

Not everyone is cut out to be a Project Manager. It takes a certain level of determination, grit and sheer force of will to oversee and guide a long and complex set of interdependent tasks to completion inside an allocated budget. This is what makes it so fulfilling as a career. Great Project Managers are detail-oriented, have excellent organisational and perceptive, pragmatic planning skills.

For driven individuals wanting to embark on Project Management as a career, the time is definitely now. Project Management job opportunities are plentiful and the supply never seems to meet the demand. That’s why it’s such a bankable and dependable career choice.

However, it is absolutely essential to have a professional – and industry recognisable – credential to your name to be a successful Project Manager. What differentiates Aspira from all the rest is simply this: our training is more than a credential – it is effective, insightful and will give you actual techniques and templates to work with in your project management career. That’s why Aspira’s Project Management training is an indispensable device in the toolbox of any successful Project Manager.

Our industry experts have crafted a diverse set of Project Management course options which cater specifically to the differing needs of those in search of powerful incisive training. Whether you are looking for an introduction to Project Management essentials or become a recognised Project Management Professional (PMPTM) certified by the PMITM, or are looking to train your staff to be the best Agile Scrummasters on the market, Aspira has precisely what you need in our range of project management training options.

All of our courses use the latest edition (5th Edition – March 2013) PMBOK Guide® as the core reference. By the end of our courses our trainees leave with a detailed understanding of Project Management terms, concepts and methodologies. Trainees are presented with real world project challenges providing opportunities to exercise their knowledge and skill before completing the course. Aspira Project Management training results in competent and confident Project Managers armed with all the skills and abilities required to effectively and methodically manage any project.

To talk to us today about the Project Management course that best suits your needs contact us today.

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