Aspira customises Microsoft Dynamics applications for Laya Healthcare


Laya healthcare is the second largest provider of private health insurance in Ireland with over half a million members, offering some of the most innovative benefits in the Irish health insurance market along with life insurance (, travel insurance (, and Thrive health and wellness provided by Ireland’s largest wellness team.



The challenge faced by Laya healthcare was to source a CRM system that could best support its efforts to not only manage and service existing members; but to identify new opportunities and also deliver robust reporting capabilities.


As Laya healthcare evolved from providing much more than health insurance solutions, its previous system could not cater for its fast-changing needs. The insurer was becoming the leading health and wellness provider in Ireland; supporting its corporate clients in achieving their wellbeing goals.


The company’s previous system wasn’t built to cater for its fast-growing needs, and Laya healthcare saw its teams develop their own solutions to manage new requirements. The insurer quickly identified this and sought to find a new CRM system to ensure its members continued to experience an uninterrupted, great level of service.



Aspira customized, designed, and developed Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the rollout of the Health and Wellness project and the Quotations system for Laya healthcare. This solution involved the customization of Microsoft Dynamics including entitlements, forms and reports and custom designed .NET workflows and plugins.


Thrive Health and Wellness


Thrive Health & Wellness by Laya healthcare provides tailor made, evidence based health & wellness programmes which are personalised and measurable for individual workforces. Laya healthcare’s connected health approach is unique compared to competitor offerings in that it utilises data to map the best possible programmes for members and it is delivered by Ireland’s largest team of clinical professionals.


To support, Laya healthcare’s fast-changing needs, Aspira customized a form on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the Business Developer Manager to import and export information on the clients screening to their profiles on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM site. This functionality makes life easier for the Business Developer Manager to add this information to the system and keep a track on the health check history of their clients.


Quotations System


Before the Microsoft Dynamics quotations system was implemented, the Laya healthcare team were manually using excel sheets to provide information to their clients. These processes weren’t talking to each other or providing client contact history.


To ensure processes were talking to each other, a customized data feed of all the clients on CRM was introduced and ran separately to CRM on a scheduled task that outputted the results of all the account details and claim details of each member on CRM. The system provided the user with a screen to select different healthcare providers, plans and costs of the available plans that was on the market by Laya healthcare and other competitors. This tool gave the Business Developer Manager a comprehensive view of what kind of plans were already on the market for their members and to help them acquire potential new members.


Therese Condon’s (Corporate Development Manager at Laya) testimonial:


The support we have received from Aspira’s CRM consultant on our digital transformation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been exceptional. Throughout the entire process, Aspira supported Laya healthcare in evaluating our needs, identifying the scope and requirements for our team while also identifying the impact any changes would have on our members – who are at the heart of all our decisions here in Laya healthcare.


The importance of having an expert local partner who has comprehensive knowledge of the capabilities, functionality and configuration experience of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, was critical in the success of this project.


Authors: Anita Fitzgerald, PMO and Damien Kearns, Senior Consultant, ASPIRA.

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