Microsoft 365 Solutions

Organisations are continually looking to improve productivity, communication and collaboration.  Many spend considerable parts of ICT budgets on researching and implementing tools to deliver specific requirements in each of these areas.  Many clients also have subscriptions to Microsoft 365 tenants, where the building blocks for solutions to answer a lot of productivity needs are included in the subscription. 

Our Business Application team has developed a range of productivity solutions that use these building blocks, as well as core services, to deliver integrated user centric productivity supports, that make operations more agile and adaptive to user needs.

We work with clients to define how to architect for and implement tools such SharePoint online and Teams to align with business process and collaboration needs.  We leverage our Business Analysis and Software Development expertise to tie together what can be disparate sources of effort to a single solution model.

We can then build out complete workflow based models to truly enable efficient collaboration, management and communication for specific client needs. 

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