Laya Heathcare

The Client

Ireland’s second largest health insurer, Laya Healthcare was formed after a management buyout of QUINN-healthcare in 2011 by Swiss Re. The company was re-branded in May 2012 as Laya Healthcare and acquired by AIG in 2015. Laya’s promise to their members is “Looking After You Always”.

The Challenge

Aspira have a MSA in place with Laya that has facilitated the provision of a number of resources in Laya. The approach is to appear as seamless as possible with Laya staff, whilst also ensuring that all of our consultants adopt a Skills & Knowledge Transfer process and give best practice guidance at all times on how Laya run their projects. Benefits realisation is a key feature of our engagement with Laya.


The Solution

Aspira have full time staff working on site with Laya, including an Account Manager who works closely with the business to ensure any resource gaps, technical or developer skills requirements are identified early, and Laya reduce any project delays through lack of suitable resources. Should a project finish, Aspira will always look to re-deploy resources elsewhere, whilst retaining the option to allow Laya to recall our resources as and when they are needed. This Resource Partner solution differentiates Aspira from Agency provided staff, in that our project management and business analysis experience always focuses on supporting the key business objectives of Laya. We do not see the service as providing single resources against job specifications, but more importantly the reassurance of ongoing project resource support.

As a sample of our work, Aspira’s team developed a reporting solution based on requirements from the Revenue Commissioners for the calculation of a levy tax on each member policy within a given period.

  • Data was sourced from member and policy data and used as the basis for calculating member activity periods and calculating the appropriate rate based on customer policy movements and changes as well as additional supplemental reports based on the output of the reporting package.
  • Reporting output was given across all data for members within a given period, with detailed information on the factors which would or would not trigger the tax. Output of this reporting package was loaded into a data warehouse for further analysis and linking to other data from across the business.

Skills Used:

  • PL/SQL development
  • Requirements analysis
  • Unit testing

The Result

Aspira developed a resourcing solution for Laya. Our staff have carried out numerous project roles, including a reporting solution to calculate the amount of government levy on each member policy in Laya Healthcare’s system across all member and policy data for the period 2009 to current day. The Laya PMO have since embedded Aspira’s recommendations as part of the Laya Project Initiation Process.



“Laya Healthcare has been doing business with Aspira for over 10 years. In that time, our business has grown to need a wide assortment of Aspira’s services. What sets them apart from other companies is their commitment to the customer.”

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