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Companies of all sizes can reap real tangible benefits from partnering with Aspira for Managed IT services. As IT estates have evolved, and ways of doing business have widened their scope, the gap between good and great Managed Service Providers (MSPs) has stretched. Businesses today seek partners who offer more than cost savings alone and rightly so; efficiency, reliability and enhanced security are the minimum that advanced MSPs like Aspira must provide.

Diverse issues are faced by companies of different sizes; but the solutions for both are provided for by Aspira. Small to medium sized companies depend upon their computer network, email, database and internet access as well as their core physical devices such as their PCs, mobile devices and printers. Large companies and Corporates often additionally have large server farms supporting complex applications and system estates that require constant monitoring and proactive management.

Infrastructure landscapes supporting these businesses have transformed over recent years, with companies of all sizes favouring virtual over physical server architecture for performance and cost efficiency. Aspira’s remote 24×7 monitoring application supports all VMware hosts and Hyper-V servers ensuring keen eyes are always monitoring the bedrock of your business, protecting your company’s ability to perform to peak potential.

“Security remains a constant and costly headache for companies of all sizes.”

As business strategies evolve, significantly more companies are employing mobile devices such as tablets with significant business operational usage – as point of sale terminals, CVM devices and Loyalty tools amongst many common business uses. Aspira offers remote monitoring and management of iOS and Android devices – executing application management, file synchronization and sharing, data security, and support for either a corporate-owned or personally owned device.
Security meanwhile remains a constant and costly headache for companies of all sizes.  Firewall protecting company networks and servers with sensitive customer and business data require constant monitoring and management. Not only that, but proactive optimisation and fast fixes are an essential for business continuity reasons. With Aspira’s monitoring and management system, you can rest assured that you have provided the best protection for your business.

“Concentrate your staff on strategic business activities, rather than being distracted by day to day hardware and software issues.”

Our system’s advanced algorithms ensure that we can identify issues and fix your machines while you sleep, minimising business or user downtime. Outsourcing your monitoring and support to Aspira allows you to concentrate your staff on strategic business activities, rather than being distracted by day to day hardware and software issues. Aspira’s Managed IT service ultimately reduces the total cost of ownership of your estate, as the annual maintenance costs reduce in line with the increased quality of your monitoring and management.

Our remote monitoring and management system supports:
With our RMM platform, we can monitor:
• VMware hosts, Hyper-V servers
• Windows, Linux servers, Mac desktops
• SNMP & ICMP devices like printers and firewalls
• Mobile devices including Android & iOS
• HIPAA compliant patching and update process for applying updates and fixes to your machines

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