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Transform your business into a data-driven and intelligent organization with Aspira’s Intelligent Applications. Our comprehensive solution empowers companies to harness data-driven insights, enhance agility, foster connectivity, and drive efficiency. Take the first step towards unlocking your company’s potential – explore our Intelligent Applications solution.

What we do

How we do it


We carry out a detailed analysis of your business’s current state, priorities, and goals, understand the cross-functional alignment of your business applications and processes, and conduct analysis, so we can curate an appropriate strategy.


Aspira delivers custom software application development services to help you attain your business goals and deliver expertise that tackles business issues at tactical, operational, and strategic levels.


Combining tech expertise and industry-specific knowledge accumulated for over 15 years in the IT industry, Aspira builds custom solutions ensuring their seamless integration with existing environments and systems.


Using time-tested tools and advanced support frameworks, we ensure your Intelligent Applications are implemented properly, function securely, and operate to their maximum potential.


Aspira’s Application Support Services ensure that the operative process of your business runs fluidly, allowing the business to operate successfully. These services offer both technical support as well as resources, forming a combination that perfectly fits your needs. Application Support and Maintenance Services are key components of a business’s success.


Case Studies

Advisory & PPM Tooling

Gas Networks Ireland

Gas Networks Ireland needed to improve their portfolio selection capabilities, including supporting its requirements for identifying and optimising the selection of projects in line with available funding and resources. Having worked on Business Resourcing, Advisory, and Software Development projects for over 10 years, Gas Networks Ireland turned to Aspira for advice.

Gas Networks Ireland
Software Development

National Cancer Registry Ireland

Aspira’s Software Development Team were awarded a Contract that was publicly contested to design and develop a new web based system for the management of cancer patient records for NCRI. The purpose of the application is to facilitate comprehensive recording of cancer incidence, treatment and patient details in the Republic of Ireland for the purpose of research and advanced data analytics. The request was to implement a bespoke enterprise application with a web front end, encompassing form data entry as well as back end bulk data input (multiple formats from clinical, laboratory, statistical and other sources) and processing (record matching, merging, deduplication, creation). 

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