From Chaos to Clarity

Whether you’re using the Agile or Waterfall project methodology, the importance of brilliant business analysis cannot be underestimated. Sloppy business requirements lead to bursting budgets and stagnant schedules as projects trip over clumsy requirements. Business analysis when perfectly executed results in a solid signed-off set of agreed business requirements, with no ambiguity and complete business buy-in.

A large majority of business owners aren’t aware of full extent of what they want or need prior to being led through the Requirements Gathering phase. If the owner of the project doesn’t know what they want, how can the project deliver it? The answer lies in business analysis.

That’s why business analysts are the lynchpin of every successful project. Getting requirements right means saving money on expensive changes further down the development road and keeping the schedule streamlined and on track. Investing in Business Analysis coaching will bring demonstrable benefits to your organisation regardless of the industry.

Aspira’s Business Analysis Coaching will demonstrate to you not just how to be a great business analyst, but what it really takes to be an awesome one.

Pure business analysis is independent of design; the requirements are the ‘what is required’, and the design is ‘how it is implemented’, but with that said, a business analyst needs to have a clear understanding of the scope, risks, dependencies and assumptions surrounding the requirements in order to liaise with technology stakeholders such as Architects, Technical Leads, Programmers and Testers, not to mention the Project Manager.

That’s why great communication is key. Aspira’s Business Analysis training will teach you practical techniques to power up your to communication skills as a Business Analyst.
Business Analysts are the absolutely essential intermediary between the business and the technology departments of an organisation, thus they must be able to elicit requirements eloquently and assess solutions astutely.

For example, business stakeholders are not interested in what the middle-tier error response handling capability needs to do, nor are software developers interested in the competitive market advantage of certain requested features.

Invest in Aspira’s superior Business Analysis Coaching and you will learn:
• Business Analysis terminology, concepts and methodologies
• The 7 Business Analysis Knowledge Areas
• Inputs, outputs and the purpose of each of the core processes
• Techniques for Solution Assessment and Validation, Requirements Management and Communication
• What you need to know in order to pass the Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP) exam
• Test-Taking Strategies including what to expect on the day

Aspira are approved education providers by the International Institute of Business Analysis. This means our training has been audited by the IIBA® and meets their strict quality requirements. This course is also part-funded by IT@Cork Skillnet, so the cost of the CBAP Version 3 course to you is now only €1200! Click here TODAY to talk about your Business Analysis Coaching today and bring order to the chaos!

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