Entrepreneurial Project Management Program


This is not a Training program, it is coaching designed to deliver a transformation and cultural change – a mind-shift experience. The Project Professionals and Transformation Leaders who embark on this journey will come away with more than simply new skills, they will come away with a different mindset.

In Martial Arts, the principle of Shu-Ha-Ri is well established. This translates to “first learn, then detach, and finally, transcend”. The participants in this course will be selected because they already know the rules, and how to apply the rules.  This program will empower them to achieve mastery of the rules – to transcend the rules and positively disrupt by knowing when to break the mould when the mould is not good enough for the challenge they face. This program, will inspire your team to learn, challenge, and explore – not just regurgitate the content.

Project Management is constantly evolving. The Program Provider (Aspira) plays a leadership role in the Project Management Institute (PMI®) internationally. Aspira is also part of the largest Entrepreneurial community worldwide – the International Entrepreneur of the Year Alumni. With this unique insight into both PM and the Entrepreneur world, Aspira has developed a range of offerings to promote the Entrepreneurial Project Management mindset.

We plan to deliver a thoughtful, enjoyable, productive, challenging, rewarding, and memorable program, that will deliver huge value to the participants.

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