The Challenge

EirGrid require software development, test, test management, business analysis, infrastructure and project management expertise on the following projects on an ongoing basis:

  • Data storage systems to store application information regarding generation or demand on the grid with the functionality to differentiate between different types of data from various customers. (EForms).
  • Applications and Website development for existing customer interface, i.e. Smartgrid iPhone App.
  • The development of a Wind Dispatch Tool for the EirGrid and System Operation Northern Ireland (SONI) energy management system.
  • Records Management & FOI Consultancy
  • Project Management Maturity Assessments
  • Linux & Oracle Application and System Support
  • .Net Development Projects

The Solution

Aspira has worked with EirGrid on three separate resourcing frameworks since 2007 to provide a variety of project resources on a number of diverse projects. The main strength of Aspira’s offering is the combination of supplying our own staff and specialist skilled resources that directly match the individual project requirements that EirGrid issue to us. Aspira have a deep understanding of EirGrids technology and business model, and are also very familiar with their corporate culture and overall business strategy. This enables us to always provide value added services as part of our resourcing partner service:

Sample Projects:

  • To develop a system which electronically stores application information from applicants to EirGrid for generation or demand on the grid. The system also deals with classifications sought from EirGrid to customers on various different types of data.
  • Extending the existing Smartgrid iPhone App with new feeds and features with real time data. Matching this new App with an Android version and add more features on an iPad, all of which get their data from feeds. Aspira were also involved in building a mobile and web version of a new website with real time data feeds populating the site.
  • The development of a Wind Dispatch Tool for the EirGrid and System Operation Northern Ireland (SONI) energy management system. This required that we design a solution, which met multiple (sometimes misaligned) requirements while also maintaining compliance with the Energy Regulator’s constraints

The Result

Aspira provide an efficient and trusted resource partner service to EirGrid, which is flexible enough to address all of the technology challenges and project requirements that our client needs. We have a dedicated Account Manager & resourcing Team which operate under a strict SLA & Quality Policy to ensure that EirGrid are not impacted by peaks and troughs in project resourcing demands.