Dutch-Irish Trade Post-Brexit

Prepare and seize the opportunity for Dutch/Irish trade post Brexit. Led by Dutch & Irish Ambassadors this Irish/Dutch Government sponsored event had over 100 trade & industry leaders.

AspiraÁine O’Keeffe was one of two key note industry speakers at this pivotal event. Aine was pronounced in her message, stating that “Facing Brexit, Aspiras advice to clients and ourselves is to ‘Hope for the Best but Prepare for the Worst'”.

She went on to say “As a PM consultancy, our expertise is in planning, communication and risk management. Never has this been more vital in tackling the risks and opportunities at this cliff edge”.

Aine was accompanied by Peter Ryan – Aspira MD Europe – in the Q&A Panel session where he stated that “It is never too late to ready yourselves for Brexit. If Covid-19 has thought us one thing in the business world, it is that we need to focus more than ever on our People & Clients wellbeing with a keen eye on the opportunities to progress; e.g. through geographical diversification (such as opening into new markets like the Netherlands and Ireland).”

Aspira thank Enterprise Ireland Benelux, the Agency NL – NFIA, and all who supported our expansion into the Netherlands and mainland Europe.

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