Data Storage, Encryption & Backup Services

Your data is the lifeblood of your business. Regardless of industry, data is the key ingredient for  your business’s strategy, marketing, financial analysis and more; in all likelihood your business has invested heavily in information and technical architecture to optimise your data management.

Therefore, any IT manager or CIO can appreciate the absolute necessity for stable and secure data storage, encryption and backup services. To lose access to your data – even temporarily, can have huge costs both in financial terms and in terms of the company’s reputation. And, in this age of instant broadcast via social media, any perceived loss of customer or billing data, any operational hiccups, or worse –  any compromise on the security of the data –  would be a PR nightmare to manage for any company.

Not all storage and security services are the same. It is essential that you entrust your data to a source that has the capability to deliver real business value by understanding the stakes and the business maturity to protect your brand and market share while ensuring the highest calibre service for your operational efficiency.

Aspira has the breadth of infrastructure, the technical expertise and the ability to offer true scalability for Enterprise grade data storage, encryption and backup services.

Aspira ensures you remain fully compliant with European data protection legislation with our advanced data storage and encryption methodologies, so you don’t need to constantly keep abreast of changing regulations. All the hassle is outsourced to us.

We offer total end-to-end encryption using a first-rate industry algorithms and the highest level SSL standard providing total protection and security across the data lifecycle. You can be confident in your data encryption security even while that data is in transit.

Where Aspira truly adds value is in our ability to deliver your precise set of requirements. Our security analysts and data architects will work with you to identify the optimum design for your business.

We will work with you to:

  • Specify your required data location
  • 30 days, month, quarter, annual data retention requirements
  • Identify key European data protection regulations that may specifically impact you apart from the top level directives.
  • Provide the right level of encryption for your business’s data.
  • Define your data storage requirements in terms of volume and the frequency of data transfer.
  • Scale the solution to your budget and your needs, both currently and including your forecasted growth.
  • Enable your own unique customised encryption key.
  • Provide online and offline data access supported across multiple clients.
  • Determine the required identity management and user role configuration specific to you
  • Activate and provide audit logs for full traceability on CRUD changes or backup restores.
  • Configure your required backup schedule.

…and much more.


Aspira delivers time and again our customised, streamlined Enterprise grade data storage, encryption and backup service, which has proven it itself and its value time after time as a true safety net for businesses across all sectors.

Contact Aspira today to discuss your particular set of requirements and see what benefits our service can deliver for you.

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