Can PM's manage people

Can Project Managers manage people?

Can Project Managers, manage the people?

The task of a Project Manager is to ensure that the project goals are met on time. This cannot be done alone and he/she will have to work with other members of the team to get this done. It is important that the Project Manager can manage the team as well, as he manages the project.

The successful implementation of projects relies heavily on the people involved. Their hard work and dedication determine whether or not the project is a success, and this affects both the quality of execution as well as meeting deadlines. This work requires careful organisation and supervision, providing employees with clear direction and encouraging them to reach their goals.

Is the Project Manager guiding his team to help its members achieve success?
Project Managers are typically the ones who handle managing people involved with the project. This includes the employees that are actively working on it. PM is the one equipped with all the knowledge that is needed to start and complete the project. The PM has a big responsibility to ensure it runs smoothly. The project manager requires excellent leadership skills to manage his team appropriately. People management training is essential as managing people can be a difficult task. It’s no easier than handling other parts of a project and, in some ways, even tougher. Acquiring such training will prove to be quite beneficial.

Juggling between projects and people
To be an effective project manager, one must possess a certain level of versatility. This allows one to manage multiple roles, and responsibilities with ease and even handle the social aspects associated with the job. The PM is accountable to the project sponsor. He is responsible for overseeing the staff and interfacing with the external environment of the company. To effectively manage such a complex role, a good strategist is essential. Project management training helps one become familiar with this demanding job, and other skills are also required for success., e.g. Gaining expertise in foreign languages or mastering project management tactics can be useful. Agile and SCRUM training can help you learn the same and make sure you stay one step ahead of the competition.

The project manager is responsible for assembling a group of skilled individuals and delegating tasks in order to complete a specific project. We must remember that a PM is also THE LEADER of the team who will ensure everyone has the resources required to work efficiently and effectively. She/he must nurture a good rapport with team members. It is the PM’s responsibility to motivate them and resolve any conflicts that may arise. Being a successful project manager requires more than just knowing the technical aspects of project management. It’s about being supportive and having the right people management skills. To excel at this job, you need more than just hard skills or theoretical knowledge.


Marta Borkowska - Head of Training

Marta Borkowska - Head of Training

Marta is the Head of Training in Aspira – she is a Project Manager and Training Facilitator. She has various project management certifications, including Diploma in Project Management, Black Belt Certification from the University of Limerick, Masters Level Postgraduate Diploma in Quality Management Lean Systems. Marta is maintaining a strong focus on continuous process improvement to ensure maximised efficiencies across both internal & external deliverables and solutions. Marta is highly adaptable, self-motivated, technically aware facilitator who scales and adapts to meet project objectives by embracing change.

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