Business Resourcing

Providing The Right Resources At The Right Time To Maximise Business Performance

As a project management-led organisation, you can be assured that we have put in place and refined a methodology that ensures we can quickly provide you with the right people.  We have the expertise to ensure that the project manager, scrum master, business analyst or other project resource that we assign to you has undergone a rigorous process that ensures they have the right level of subject matter expertise for your requirements. 

Project resourcing areas of expertise:
Project & Programme Management

We have expertise covering the main approaches of Traditional (e.g. Prince II) and Agile Project Management. Not only are our project managers experts in what they do, we ensure this stays the case with continuous training programmes as well as also delivering training in these disciplines.

Agile Leadership

Agile is fuelling todays most successful companies by providing client focus and urgency in product development & digital transformations; so finding the right experts to lead in this regard is key. Aspira provide Agile Coaches, Scrum Master and Product Owners to deliver your Agile projects today and lead the Agile transformation into tomorrow.

Business Analysis

When you need to determine where you are with a system, what the requirements are for change, and how to get that change fully defined in terms of requirements and use cases, our IBBA certified business analysts will ensure that your needs are fully captured and clearly articulated

Change Management

Change is inevitable—whether large-scale or minimal—but how an organisation deals with that change can make all the difference. Our Change Management experts ensure that a structured process for Change Management, that is reflective of your business needs, organisational culture and project demands, is in place and targeted to support a smooth adoption process.

PMO, Project Administration & Scheduling

A foundation for project success is an effective administration and project scheduling function that manages communications, defines project timelines and resource requirements while tying together the fabric for smooth project execution. We recognise the importance of these functions to a project, and ensure our project administrators and schedulers are trained, experienced and have a full appreciation for the operation of a Project Management Office (PMO)

Our Managed Service

We offer our clients an end-to-end delivery model where we will work with clients to scope the project, source the resources, manage the project execution, and deliver the projects objectives. We are dedicated to helping businesses like yours achieve organisational success and embrace digital transformation through the power of the managed services model. What makes us unique is our ability to offer a local service on a global scale.

At every step along the way we ensure that your needs are clearly understood.  Your Account Manager is focused on making sure not only do you have the best resource(s) for your project needs, but also that we stay aware of your changing needs and adopt our solution for you to be flexible in delivering a consistent and relevant service.

Case study

Aspira have a MSA in place with Laya that has facilitated the provision of a number of resources in Laya. The approach is to appear as seamless as possible with Laya staff, whilst also ensuring that all of our consultants adopt a Skills & Knowledge Transfer process and give best practice guidance at all times on how Laya run their projects. Benefits realisation is a key feature of our engagement with Laya.

Laya Healthcare

We Listen, Advise And Support

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