Aspira feature on Dutch TVs flagship broadcaster – RTL

Aspira feature on Dutch TVs flagship broadcaster – RTL – over the coming 5 days.

Aspiras MD for Europe, Peter Ryan discusses how Digital Transformation is enabled through People. People being Agile through changing, partnering and reimagining how to deliver the ‘Customer wow’ that Digital Transformation promises!

Aspira featured numerous times on RTL & after this we posted segments of the interviews here. Now we have compiled these into a video below & provide Peters ‘Top 4 Keys to Digital Transformation Success’ below:
1. Key Ingredient: You cannot have Digital Transformation without People Transformation. Blog by Peter:
2. Key Commitment: Your Digital Journey should never end! It requires a long term commitment across the entire organization.
3. Key Expertise: Digital Transformation is achieved through a cooperation of experts; doing what they do best! In such projects, when you have the right (agile) PM on the job, it will help a company’s expert shape innovative ideas into deliverable plans.
4. Key Customer Mission: You don’t need to change your mission to Digitally Transform! Your mission is to continually re-imagine your products & services – in an Agile / Digital fashion – so you continually ‘Wow’ your customers”.

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