3 Reasons Why your Organisation should use Sharepoint

There comes a point within an organisation where they require a centralised location for managing their data and content. SharePoint is the ideal solution for this. Used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies, SharePoint is a leading platform for document collaboration and more. Here are three ways SharePoint can benefit your organisation:

1. Easier Collaboration

Sharing files through email attachments while changes are being made is a common practice in many businesses. However, this can be difficult to keep track of and result in multiple different versions of a document. It also adds to the load on your mail server. With SharePoint, a link to the document can be provided to employees so they can view and make changes, ensuring that everyone has access to the latest version and no changes are missed. Using permissions within SharePoint also means that only the desired employees have access to the document.

2. Consolidated Data

Over time an organisation starts storing important data in random locations. Important data is captured on an excel and saved on an employee’s computer. Situations like this make it difficult to keep track of data. Using SharePoint features like versioning and metadata to store data will prevent any confusion around your data.

3. Customised Solutions

SharePoint has near limitless configuration options and is flexible enough to make it useful to an organisation in many ways. After migrating you can leverage SharePoint to improve many of your business processes using out of the box solutions, as well as being able to build customised solutions.
Quickly finding, reviewing, approving, sharing and storing data is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SharePoint. Consider Aspira SharePoint Training for your team to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Contact training@aspira.ie for further information.

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